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Vehicle BIO Security

In the changing world it is even more important that the biosecurity of premises are taken seriously. We at Vehicle Biosecurity are launching our new vehicle system to allow the disinfection of your vehicles. Building and designing biosecurity systems for the individual site or using our standard systems you can assured of quality and reliability. When considering transport biosecurity the problem of costs, both direct and indirect, will quickly arise. Indirect costs are greater and include the costs of downtime, extra drivers etc. These are small compared with the potential cost of a major disease breakdown on a farm. It can be seen that the cost of transport biosecurity must not lead to compromises of unit biosecurity as the costs of a disease outbreak.

Vehicle Wheel Disinfecting System

The on-board Vehicle Disinfecting System offers an automatic method of efficiently disinfecting all wheels on lorries and trailers.

We have designed and produced an on-board vehicle disinfecting system, which is operated from inside the cab. The system is activated by a simple lever beside the driver’s seat. A large capacity reservoir connected to the air braking system, allows the vehicle driver to disinfect the wheels on entering and leaving the property, without leaving the cab or stopping the vehicle.

The system eliminates the delays presently experienced and ensures the effective soaking of vehicle wheels and arches without relying on dried out mats, buckets and sprayers which have been used previously in disease prevention. Foot spray jets are also incorporated on the cab steps.

Key Features

Biosecurity System

Government guidelines now state that the use disinfection of vehicles must happen. To take away the doubt of if it has been done correctly we offer a fully automated system for vehicle disinfection. Sensors activate on the vehicle approaching the disinfection system. The sensors operate the PLC to start the pressure pump and to activate the spray nozzles. On leaving the area the system will automatically stop to prevent the waste of product. Our system has a variable dosing system fitted to it to allow the change of different disinfectants to be used. We can offer a low level wheel and under vehicle system or full system to cover tops, sides and underneath the vehicle.

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